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Nampa Idaho Game Store Adventure!

Weekly Game nights

Tuesday: 6:00 PM - MTG Commander night

Thursday: 6:00 PM - Keyforge night

Magic The Gathering, D&D, Board Games, and More!

Open Gaming Tables - Free Play - Try Before You Buy

Paradox Games is your Destination for endless fun and a Place to Begin a Journey of countless quests, adventures, and campaigns. Most of the Board Games and Card Games on our shelves are "Try Before You Buy", making it a great opportunity to bring your friends or family along for a fun board game night. We're located in the Boise Idaho Area and offer Open Seating in our Game Shop or Hosted Game Nights.


We carry Magic the Gathering Card Games and Dungeons and Dragons along with many other popular board and card games. We have a large selection of the best games out there! We have games for little kids, games for "big kids", and relaxing games for the family. For those who claim to be a bit more adventurous, we have in-depth games like Gloomhaven and everything in between. Come check out the store to see our selection.

A New Gaming Experience

Paradox Games in Nampa Idaho welcomes you to a new kind of gaming experience. Hit pause on your busy technology driven life for a moment to breathe in the air around you and play some games with family and friends. Board Games and Card Games invite individuals to spend time with their family and friends, elevates happiness in our lives, and is just plain fun.

We are a Board Game Store, but beyond having games on the shelf, we want to bring an experience into your life that can change it for the better. We Happily host Date Night Games, Game Tournaments for the community, and offer Many other fun products.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the store proudly presents - Your Game.