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Game Store in Nampa Idaho

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Most of the Games on our shelves are "Try Before You Buy", making it a great opportunity to bring your friends or family along for a fun experience at the store. We're located in Nampa Idaho on 12th Avenue at the Corner of Greenhurst. We offer Open Seating in our game store and Happily offer Hosted Game Nights. Hosted Games are Marvelous Ideas for Date Nights, Family Nights, Hanging with Friends, or Group Dates.

At our Awesome Game Store, you will find many board game titles as well as card game titles. We have the most popular games, as well as many hidden treasures. Whatever kind of Game you are in the Mood for, we'll likely have it on the shelf. We have the Quick Games that take 20 minutes. We have the LONG games that take hours. Take your pick.

Card Game Expansions- We Have It. Magic the Gathering- We Have It.

Expansion Packs to Awesome Board Games- We... Have It.

This is Paradox Games. Come Sample Some Games in Our Open Seating Game store. Come Have Fun....

Come Have an Adventure!

We Offer a Selection of the Best Board Games and Card Games Out There. Even the Expansions!!

Stop By and See The Store.

So Many Games

Not sure which game to buy next? Come Sample the Games! We Proudly Offer Free Open Tables and Open Games To Try Before You Buy.

Do you have a game you would like to play in a tournament type setting? Or just want to get together with others of the same interest? Let us know and we will try to make it happen!

Open Tables, Open Games

We Cater to the Needs of All. We Have Popular Board Games, Collectible Games, Role Playing games, Magic The Gathering, and much more!

A Game For Everyone

A New Gaming Experience

Paradox Games in Nampa Idaho welcomes you to a new kind of gaming experience. Hit pause on your busy technology driven life for a moment to breathe in the air around you and play some games with family and friends. Board Games and Card Games invite individuals to spend time with their family and friends, elevates happiness in our lives, and is just plain fun.

We are a Board Game Store, but beyond having games on the shelf, we want to bring an experience into your life that can change it for the better. We Happily host Date Night Games, Game Tournaments for the community, and offer Many other fun products.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the store proudly presents - Your Game.